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Distributed disk storage database based on Raft and Redis protocol.

Welcome to IceFireDB

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Distributed disk storage system based on Raft and RESP protocol.

  1. High performance
  2. Distributed consistency
  3. Reliable LSM disk storage
  4. Cold and hot mixed data storage structure
  5. Multiple groups of raft clusters, horizontal expansion and contraction of data groups(Upgrading soon)
  6. More advanced cache implementation, faster LSM persistent storage

Imagine Architecture


Command support

1. String operating

3. List operating

4. Sorted Sets

5. Sets

6. System cmd


[email protected]:~/DATA/ICODE/GoLang/IceFireDB$ redis-benchmark  -h -p 11001 -n 10000000 -t set,get -c 512 -P 512 -q

SET: 253232.12 requests per second
GET: 2130875.50 requests per second


FOSSA Status


I stood on the shoulders of giants and did only simple things. Thank you for your attention.


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